East Galway 1  (02:10 min)
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Tom Broderick's Jig (also called the Lark's March)
A jig handed down to Mike from Tom Broderick of Ballinakill.
East Galway 2  (02:13 min)
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Dinny Delaney's.
Slow hornpipe and reel handed down to Mike from his father Tom Barrel Rafferty who had them from the blind piper Dinny Delaney of Ballinasloe.
East Galway 4  (01:40 min)
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category: Music
The Carraroe jig/The Fair at Macedonia
The Ballinakill Players practiced at Carraroe House. Then, Mike Rafferty's setting of Dinny Delaney's jig Repeal of the Union. Mike and Lesl had misheard the 1898 recording's title as 'The Fair at Macedonia.'
East Galway 6  (00:50 min)
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category: Music
The Bantry Bay hornpipe
Noirin Leslie dancing a hornpipe to the tune Bantry Bay. The Bantry Bay hornpipe was known from piper James Goodman who lived when Mike's father was young.
East Galway 7  (03:37 min)
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She Moved Thru the Fair/Fraher's Jig
The song air She Moved Thru the Fair played on the harp by Eileen, followed by all of us playing Frahers, a jig from piper Edward Fraher who lived when Mike's father was young.