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Smells Like a Cannonball - Monday Music Medley  (04:13 min)
uploaded on 12/21/11 @ 07:24 AM
viewed 2,418 times
category: Music
It's a Monday Morning Music Medley! This week the contenders are fighting for their place as the UK Christmas number 1. Here's a little mashup of two of them. Buy 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' this week and get Nirvana to the top of the charts.

The Jesta Show - episode 1 - the intro  (03:31 min)
uploaded on 08/18/11 @ 05:45 PM
viewed 894 times
category: Blogs
Thought I should try to do something with video and couldn't decide what to do soooo... this is what you've got! Just a basic introduction to a video series with no direction.