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Lonely Afterglow
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Beth G. Williams, BMI & Ricki E. Bellos, BMI

Sat Aug 07, 2010
Acoustic : Acoustic General
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Lonely Afterglow
(c) 2010 Beth G. Williams, BMI & Ricki E. Bellos, BMI

Turning the key,
She lets herself in
Her cat saunters past down the hall
Back from dinner with friends
Now home with their men
At her end though, no one at all

She moves in the dark
To her favorite chair
Replays the night’s gathering with wine
The stories she heard
Are a tease for her skirt
For a moment she’ll feel close to fine

But in the lonely afterglow
No need to fake a smile for show
Nobody there
No one to care
No other place to go
It’s just her lonely afterglow

She gets herself out there
But it never works out
Are the men or is she more to blame?
One look in the mirror
It all becomes clear
That life without love is a shame

Maybe tomorrow her fortune will turn
And she’ll find someone who’s worthy of her

Then no more lonely afterglow
Or need to fake a smile for show
Together there
Without a care
No other place to go
No more lonely afterglow