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Drew Iza vs akadeezy Round 3 GRB Winter 2008
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Drew Iza

Thu Jan 29, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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In these grbs I feel like Hugh Heff of this rap shit/
I swear to god I'm always caught with a wack bi***/
Fake tits no ass/ correlation no skill no flow/
oh and no punches ya style taekwondo/
been lightin niggas up longer than zippos/
and I'm predispose that this garbage shoulda been/
pre-disposed from the get go you aint sh*** tho/
that's why I take it to the street like my trash can/
you just drawing like you hard like bam bam/
or scrappy do when it come to scrappin duke/
I'm a paper mill your a dafodil/
you aint even in my league or half as ill/
i guess I'll play Dave Stern and Magic until/
niggas realized I'm unmatched in skill/
comon jeff stop sendin me these easy kills/
f***in nerds I aint even rapped pharell/
comon dude your ass for real/
so you wanna get it poppin n*** let's go/
you gon fall over my lines like wet clothes/
how you aka when your an alias/
more like Jennifer Gardner an act/
like who you gon harm ahh not a damn thing/
your timba singing a kuna matata dude I'm a ryda/
f*** wit me but let me warn you its not simple/
you don't want to take a crack at me like moms windows/
So come on n*** you know wassup/
Go for broke I aint scared, this deezy doesn't roll with bux/
and if he did its all the same/
plummel your face while my henchman hold you up/
wont stop til your whole sh*** swollen up/
with an ice pack to ya noggin like it's cold as f***/
yea that's filler but dude still can't harm me/
lookin like Bullethead off of steve harvey/
You gon beat me? You and what army/
you stay gettin booze (boos) And they still try to card me/
Heard you goin around askin who is Drew Iza/
got his butt in my biz like he one of my strippers/
the nerve of this n*** you got one f***in picture/
posin ya head shaped like a got damn snifter/


And on another note, I'm about to hit the slopes/
But before I go let me leave you with this you roach/
Hiding in battles is weak, take another approach/
You gotta be on guard cause any name your on easily average under 100 post/