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Mon Dec 15, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Check it I beat you at the first step and
Blind you with divine light versed in my breath
King author nope not a possible threat
Puzzled how he got the board steady placing bet
Above all and all I came to kill you and
Separate you from those with an ill view
they think that your ill hell they’ll get drilled too
I make you disappear without leaving a clue
I rip your castle down claim your rule is ineffective
Wars been perfected thoughts connect at the neck kid
I’m walking with your skull in my hand try to connect it
What the f*** was expected weak styles are rejected
I’ll remove your hands later place by your hollow head
In it’s a lamp light your nights bright and dead
An Egyptian magician turns your title into bread
Yeah I Got sly mouth sip stout and I shred
Baptized in a fire deities forgive sins
Reproduced in any life I will rip you again
Indestructible face stomps till the dirt blends
False witnesses till they heard my words bend
No steez king author’s never had a crown
When I put him in a tomb is the only time he’ll ever get down
I’m brighter than the two orbs and stars that surround
coulda killed you with the elements and never made a sound
Take it to a better height where you cannot breathe
There’s not a style you could flip that I could not supersede
I’m here for your soul I give a f*** what’s believed
They all will recede you will bleed by your creed
Bring terror and assault to exalt different things
I’ve killed several kings hence my hands bloody rings
An angel with no wings who always tends to sing
And match up the strings to defeat what he brings
So in just a few moments the opus is sewn
I dethroned the king and he did die alone
Location unknown face made him atone
Then transmuted to gold the skills that hes honed