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I'm a Rose
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explicit lyrics
GRB Rnd1 vs. marxist
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Sun Dec 14, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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I'ma murder this bi*** with a f***in' turniquit
put your head in a vice, and f***in' turn it quick
I'm like a blackman with aids, I'm not the nigga' to f*** with
I heard your soundclick, sh*** had me sick to my stomach

I seen ya' pic, f*** a camel toe, you had a f***in' moose knuckle
lookin' like the wind might cause it to loosely shuffle
lips flappin' in the wind, like they were sayin' good bye
to all dudes thinkin' about givin' her f***in' wood pie

and after hearin' you rap, I think you should die
it was assult on my hearing, you aint handin' me jewely
but it left me with an ear-ring,
and I'd honestly say your music was dope

but only after profusely usin' some coke
stuffy nosed man bi***, pussy lips hungry
like they're beggin' for a man-wich
f***ed up vag lookin' like a nasty sandwich

you've got the suckiest lines I've heard in my life
and I've heard enef's ass slurpin' on the mic
I'd rather listen to cracked out skeletor than you
cause at least his lines are nearly impressive, dude

even cracked out enef is f***in' better than you
you needa' jump off a buildin', make sure it's killin' you
and I bet fifty bucks you're gonna' mock my chick
at least she's not mistaken for having a lop-sided dick

and I realized why she likes to spit slow rap
there's enough fat to cut bacon offa' this ho's back