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The King Has Been Born
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My Lion King Christmas song! (no really)
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Dan Harris
2008 Dan Harris

Sun Nov 30, 2008
Pop : Christmas/Seasonal
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» highest in charts:   # 215   (127,145 songs currently listed in Pop)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 20   (2,816 songs currently listed in Pop > Christmas/Seasonal)
About the song
Don't try to understand what this song is about. It's just the joy of Christmas, okay?
Recorded in Audacity and GarageBand.
Yamaha Piano is the only instrument. Everything else is mouth noises

This is a free download. Get it on them Christmas iPods!
The king has been born!
He brings us great joy!
God gave us a savior in a baby boy
So beat yonder drum and blow yonder horn
Make the joyful noise cuz the king has been born

I was swingin? in my tree
when a little birdy came to me
Flappin? and all out of breath
He called me to his limb,
he didn?t wait long to begin
And this is what he said:
A King has been born
Off over the hills
Follow me wiseman, I know that you will

The King has been born!
Born late in the night!
We all go to see him in dawn?s early light
The light that gives birth to the warm golden morn
Follow me, wiseman, the king has been born!
Well I followed the star to the stable
Just as fast as I was able
To the manger that he called a bed
I didn?t need to wonder why
The golden angels sang on high
I laid all my gifts at his head
The king has been born
Ye shall have no fear
The darkness is ending, our savior is here

The King has been born!
See the shining star!
He has come to save us from lions with scars!
The child is golden, his halo adorns
Our savior is here now, the King has been born!

From this day forward you shall decorate a dead tree with colorful lights
and when a fat man spies on your children and sneak into your house in the middle of the night
it'll be all right.

Well I blew of puff of sacred fluff
I smeared his head with juice and dust
And cradled the King in my hands
I shook my rattle fruit-staff-thing
I heard the joyful creatures sing
All of the creatures in the land
The king has been born
The all looked at me
I held up the king for all of them to see

The King has been born!
The all brayed and squawked
The all knelt before him in the shadow of Pride Rock
The sun shines above in the warm golden morn
The circle of life spins the KING HAS BEEN BORN!