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GRB round 1 vs Con.Found.Dead
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Duane Jackson

Sat Aug 03, 2013
HipHop : New School
Take charge
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Hearing you talk man you clearly is a lame
An ya mannerisms was nearing that of dames
So I kinda understand why you put both them periods in ya name
You know you a b*** an you just trying build up to the change
You like the hype man
For every rapper that has never held a mic stand
We needa put you on the corner with the right hat
A couple dolls, a jar of change some lemonade, mickeys an a bright mask
I swear I heard you'd pull some little b*** es just like that
His face lit, said appreciate it an told me he'd be right back
yo, I'm hatin how your blog is on calm sh**
actin like this battle rap is something you the boss in
n*** you in a tiger shirt sitting at ya moms crib
or else you got an 80+ woman you don't belong with
an that'd be creepier than sh** cause yo the scenery is hit
that pussies like kissing ET on the lips
he'd do anything for much love
get em dumb drunk bring em to the GW an yell "son jump"
an i hope you do, dyings easy motherf*** er i can coach you through
posted at job, grab em up yoked in the car
told em its on an then i roped em an i rolled with the saw
don't know where you are, its the place where aint no one evolved
wanna be a pastor this verse'll get you closer to god
i swear, i ever see you with a kid you gettin blasted on
i don't care if you only trying help em put his jacket on
plus you got no passion for this sh**
so its cool that you named confounded thats exactly what you is

you made a blog before the battle for acknowledgement
an all you accomplished is making asher look like pac or big
far as that i think you gay bro
you was flutterin eyelashes more than these b*** es sitting at drake shows
next time you drive I'm praying to god your brakes go
an when ya fam asks em to save you i hope they say no
i hope you die the slowest death that you can aim for
an if you ever start to recover i hope you change course
this is evil rap n*** i hope you brang yours
cause round 1 I'm sending you places you thought you can't tour
studied theology a great core
ironic it taught you about the gods yet I'm one of em you aint trained for
i mean look at you.. its looking like you paint floors
an when it comes to being a man you look like you aint sure
so you set to die for the fact that you never ride
this disruptors gonna send crusher back to the enterprise
there's no escaping this battle unless you energize
so for his sake I'm hoping they beaming scotty some better rhymes
In other words you far from the clutch
an your hand movements make you autistic or awkward as f***
you gotta learn to perform ya rappings awful enough
you the type of person to lose an claim its all for the fun
i hate you, feel like I'm downtown an caught with a scrub
you one of them n*** s that gets lost in a hug, no homo
thats what you saying when you caught given rubs
but you need stop that an admit that you just wanna get f*** ed
this little prissy boy sitting back an commenting us
when the truth is its just bottled in love rapmusic made you
claim you wasn't here an following us
when you know damn well the style that you dropping with was