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Underground Music SUPPORT IT...You know whats up This SONG. This MAN. This Life. Psycho Me. Psycho Metal - facebook/psychometalOfficial
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Heath B Bryant Psycho Metal Psycho Me

Thu Sep 20, 2012
Metal : Rap-Metal
Take charge
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About the song
Underground Music SUPPORT IT...You know whats up This SONG.
This MAN. This Life. Psycho Me. Psycho Metal -


this is a freestyle song but i will post lyrics anyways - LYRICS -

Psycho Me -

Yeah. I'm gonna start this over, From the Beginning
We'll just act Like that never Happened.
Like YOU Never Happened.
Like your LIFE Never happened.
Like It's all a f***ING DREAM.
But you know what it f*** ing Means.
Psycho ME......West Side.

P.M. - Verse -

What do they Wanna Know? They call me PSYCHO METAL.
Say it again! And I'll say it to the End, And you Better Not
Be tryin' to Run Yer Mouth. Cause I'll Seal you Shut
In That Motherf*** ing Hole. Everybody Never even
Really REALLY Knows except My Brother. Ain't No other
Motherf*** ers in my Zone.
They don't even really Wanna come by My Home

I Got a F*** ing Sharp Blade and a Really Big Bat
Motherf*** ers Say F*** that dude and F*** That.

That sh** s wack You Mothaf*** as Lames
Coming around here and I'm burning you to The F*** ing Flames.

Somebody Remembers My Name, But Maybe they Don't
Maybe you'll See me In The Shadows or Maybe you Won't
Is it This MAN, That MAN, I Could never give a Damn.

Change it, change it, Change it for Me
I Don't wanna be In this Society
I'd Rather go away and Live like a f*** ing Mole in a Hole
F*** everyone of You b*** ASS Hoes

You don't know about My Level, Don't know What I'm On
Don't know What I Do, Don't know where I Go,
So you better Back up Like you don't Know.

Just act like it Didn't happen, Like you didn't see me on The Corner
Sranglin' Motherf*** er. Now their gonna Suffer.

If you say ONE WORD then
I'll come for you. Under your BED And now i have Your Soul.

Do you want it Back? You can't have it. It's All Mine.
Gonna Go Go. Bye By This Time.

In the Sky with the STARS I'm not a Demon Live ya Life LARGE.
Do what you want Cause ya Gonna Die Anyway.
WHAT THE f*** Did they try to say to Me

To Make me Change.
Make me fry My Brains. F*** those F*** in' Doctors
And f*** their Motherf*** ing PILLS... I Don't want it.
I Don't wanna Do it.

f*** Everything You ever Knew and What you even try to Do
YOU SUCK. Try to come up On Me? Now you Get F*** in' Hit.

Motherf*** er why you Ridin' Up On a Dick.

Got my Own style, Got my Own Thang
And I Ain't about to change It Cause You Just a Lil'

Little Fake ASS Hoe. Trying to Steal Mothaf*** as sh**
Better GO AWAY.

We Don't KNOW YOU and We Don't Care,
You don't see it, I'm Right There And I'll Never go Away
Until It's Outta Your Mind. And It ain't gonna be
Out of your Mind Til YA DEAD.

Yes I'll Cut your Head. Yeah.

Still There? Listen to IT! I Don't f*** ing Care
You Knew i was Going to Do It, Now I'M Done
It Don't Make Sense, But What Does? f*** LOVE.