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Know What I Know
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I dunno, loud?
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G. Ingram
G. Ingram 2010

Fri Dec 03, 2010
Alternative : Alternative General
Take charge
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About the song
Aimed at people who have to force thier opinions down your throat.
Verse 1

In the end
Well I know the train keeps running
And I feel that the ends in sight

But even then
You have to speak,
You never heard of consequence
Or sowing what you reap?

I didn't hear
What you say
I'm blissfull in ignorance
Wouldn't want it any other way

And all the time
I have to maintain
A small pretence of relevence
Sitting on this crowded train


See what I see
Know what I know
Dont need you to tell me
Where to go
Feel what I feel
Go where I know
Dont need you to tell me

Verse 2
It's a new day
But even so
You've got tell me something that
I already didn't know

It's free advice
It's yours to give
But I've managed up till now to be
pretty good at how to live

So please just stop
If you want to bug sombody then
Anyone but me is fine

And so at last
peace and quiet
I know this is difficult but please
Keep on trying to fight it