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Melancholic Alcoholic
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Song updated with all the relevent bits. Not actually played by the band but hopefully the next update will be. Also sung by me, which is not ideal ;)
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Mon Dec 06, 2010
Alternative : Alternative General
Take charge
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About the song
Someone said to me they went through a period where they were like a melancholic alcoholic and I thought "What a great song name!"
One empty bottle down, and only 2 more to go.
Not a care left in the world, or you'd have thought so.
I stare at the label, I’m 40 percent proof you see.
Soon I'll be at 120, that’s proof enough for me.

The golden sound of sloshing as I pour another drink.
The warm and amber nectar, I’m sure its helps me think.
To think of all my problems with alarming clarity
And fantasies that have way too much familiarity.

Melancholy, I'm a melancholic mess.
Alco-alcoholic, I'm sure I failed the test

Melancholic - Alcoholic
Do you know that you will never go
To your old face, leave the rat race?
Trying to find a life you'll never know.
Melancholic - Alcoholic.
Did you think that you will ever find
At the end of a bottle, in a motel.
All the answers in your mind?

To raise my flagging spirits, I watch Portishead on TV.
Has nobody the courtesy, to come and hang me?
And how far have I fallen, and how far yet to fall?
And the bottle is nearly empty, did I drink it I don’t recall.

Wake up, wake up. wake up.
And take your life back.
Give yourself a chance.
Before your anxiety attack.

I wake up in the morning, body racked with aches and pains.
The scent of strong - alcohol, the dark and cloudy stains.
I can’t believe I did that, trying to send myself insane.
But bet your bottom dollar, I'll do it again.