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GRB Rd. 2 TooFly
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Mon Jan 05, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 268   (1,770,892 songs currently listed in HipHop)
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Too Fly homie too fly for what?/
You gonna need to step it up round one was a bust/
First you had to face the whackest guy in the tourny/
Now to try "jack" McCrack you goin home in a gourny/

I aint a nerdy ass "Zero"* you better switch ya blueprint/*
And Exclude autotune when your spittin to me stupid**/
I'll render you useless you just hate on cats/
So I'm quick to pop fly without a baseball bat/

Toofly was too high and fell off and crashed/
The only way he'd ever make an impact in rap/ check it people it's nonsense/
If 2008s your year how come you got no content?/
When right around the corners 2009/
In fact thats the due date so I'mabid you good bye!/

TooFly, Three Fly, Two Fly, One/
TooFlys true life this guys done/
As far as I can say his scenarios gay/
So I be swattin at a fly worse than mario paint/

I really aint sorry because this f*** is done with/
Round one sucka tried to step with a club hit/
I'll hit you with a front kick you gettin ya but kicked/
Are you english or russian man quit all the frontin/

You aint a joe budden I'd be willin to fight you/
I'd hide my songs too if I sounded just like you
I'm lacin the piff you can't make flavor like this/
Is he white or is he black? On some MJ shit/

But you aint worth sh*** stay hiding your info/
You pictures and tracks bro this dudes a fcuking asshole/

Conceil all your facts never posting a track/
Not a picture on the net how do I diss that?/
You shouldve just been cum stain on a nut rag/
Instead you try and cheat on the status of scum bag/

Dumb fag in a freestyle ya done boy/
Cuz you stumped on the head like some horns on hell boy/
I kick it well boy ya bi*** was beggin for my cream/
I covered her in semen like a CSI Scene/

So f*** you, f*** your mother and who your cool with/
You used that autotune and to me you looked foolish/

Slipped past round one it was practically a no show/
And now you talkin tough like you gonna go pro?/
I don't think so - You skinny bastard i laugh/
Because you lack the format to beat McCrack on the warpath.

So keep making beats, and still keep it on the down low/
Even the free tracks were not worth the download/
And i'll give you free advice before I'm spreadin gore/
Stop smokin cigarettes before you record/

Oh wait ya british i forgot the slang/
Cuz you don't smoke cigarettes instead you "blow fags"/

So go ahead and f*** with an inhaler or something/
Cuz your raspy ass voice hardly somethin I would f*** wit/
This dudes got "Relationship Problems" like Chuck and Larry/***
Your logo is pink which is quite fitting you f***in fairy/

So i keep it real raw beef I handle with steak sauce/
i don't boot leg travolta flicks ill still rip ya face off/
When you don't play fair I'ma leave you to fester/
And you'll get what's comin to you like a victim on Dexter/
*Battled Zero-D Last Round
**Used autotune in his verse last round
***Has a beat on his soundclick named "Relationship Problems"