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Will you bring this world Peace
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This is an anti -establishment, anti-war, anti - politician song. A protest song.
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Roger John
Roger John

Mon Nov 16, 2009
Acoustic : Folk
Take charge
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About the song
The establishment tells us - they have all the answers. Yes we only see problems with no answers. Will man ever lay down his arms. This the biggest problem man faces.
The government tells me I should not be smoking
They put me in jail for a wee bit of tokin
My life should be whole, my world should be green
Yet they poison this land, its all so obscene

But what about you and all of your warring
what about you and them bombs you are storing
what about you will you desist and cease
Will you lay down your arms , will you bring this world peace...

Saw the cops tasers this guy on tv
Take away his life and all he should be
heard the bombs fall on a people unknown
Who never did no wrong and no weapon was found

Watched the politicians like wild weeds they grow
Poison this world with fear and sorrow
Make laws that inhibit, and words that increase
The pain in your life while their pockets they grease.

There once was this guy who rode the steel rails
Wrote many a song told many a tale
In a time long ago when this world was all our
This land was our land them oon sun and stars.