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The Crystal Of Cyfoeth (Demo)
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This is the demo of our first oc, with a lot of rhythm changes, mood changes, in your face guitars and gut wrenching vocals! This isnt the final version, cuz we hope to come up with an entirely new recording and mix sometime...
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Thu Mar 27, 2008
Metal : Death/Black Metal
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About the song
Kick-ass ocs by Pune based bands like Blackhole Theory and Depths of Suffering inspired us to come up ewith our first oc... Due to software issues and other problems, the recording took a whoppping three months to complete!!! And we're hoping to come up with a new and better mix sometime...
Black is the wind that swirls on my face,
It howls to the trees in its own majesty.
Pale is the Moon in its opaline glaze,
That calmly serenades the night.

But the calm in my head no longer exists,
No peace will I feel until I have known
The place I must go, where power’s hidden,
And beckons me to it, the aura within.

Then I stumble upon a place,
Where the trees stand at ease
To guard the spirits
Of the night.
A bonfire burning high,
And creatures surrounding the flames,
In the night.
Of all these creatures,
My attention was drawn,
To recognize
Those of my kind.
Three witches, they stood
Inhuman at sight.
On their mangled faces
They bore smiles.

Welcome to the forest, thou Sorcerer of Sin.
We know what you have come for.
We know the way ahead.

Guarded by a mighty warrior, whose spell we couldn’t break.
We set you on your way; brave one, on one condition.
The Crystal must be ours to share, or your life you’ll have to spare.
So gather your wit to face the Guardian of Cyfoeth.

The battle ensues, it thunders across the night.
So the Gods would fear to watch this power of mine.
It’s blackened soul, as she lay upon her face.
Looking past I see the incandescent glow
Of what I’ve come so far to seek, the Crystal burning bright.
An eerie urge filled my soul, all power to make mine.

As I reach the Cwm Tywyll, my heart beats fast.
For legend says who enters it shall never walk away.
Cold sweat lines my brow, the Crystal empowers me now.
But not to be outdone, the witches arrive.

Their spells hit my heart; my magic grows sparse.
I know I haven’t long to live.
The Crystal makes its first and final move,
The witches and I, all perish.

And so ends the legacy, of the Crystal of Cyfoeth,
Lost in the Valley below.
My soul starts its journey to join the dead
And start a new life in Hell.