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Anne Marie
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Leaving someone is difficult . . . even if it isn't for good.
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Ray Kim
1989, Ray Kim
Sun Dec 30, 2007
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Take charge
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About the song
This was inspired by another girl whom I was interested at the time. (I sense a common theme here.)

"Anne Marie" referred to her actual name. I was still getting acquainted with her, and didn't know her all that well. Nevertheless, she was someone whom I would've liked to have gotten to know much better.

The scenario presented in the song is fictional; I started thinking, "I want to get to know her, but what if I was in a situation where I was either moving away or was leaving for an extended trip?" Using that premise, I ended up penning this song.

I actually thought the lyrics were really hokey (and I wanted to rewrite them), but Bob, whom you hear singing, thought it was a great song, and he insisted on recording it. I have to admit that I loved what we ended up doing with it!

Bob Blanchard, vocals
Ray Kim, keyboards
Words and music by Ray Kim

Verse 1:
Oh Anne Marie, will you remember me after I'm gone...?
Always shooting for the sky,
Never thought we'd ever say good-bye
Look at me, so suddenly, I've got to leave you...

Hey, talk to me, you can confide in me when you are down...
Many hours spent on the phone,
Let you know you'll never be alone...
Hold me now, I'll never let you go...

Anne Marie, it seems so long ago that you came into my life...
Anne Marie, your tender words of promise help get me through the night...
Need to know that you will wait for me faithfully,
Anne Marie...

Verse 2:
The time gone by will be there in my mind forevermore...
Nights we spent, thoughts gone astray,
Marking time not knowing what to say...
Time to show what we both know, we've got each other...

Now if I may, there's something I must say before I go...
Wish I had more time with you,
And there's nothing you can say or do
That will ease the pain of missing you...

Anne Marie, you're always on my mind when I am so far away...
Anne Marie, I need to let you know, I can't wait another day...
Did you know that you are who I need desperately,
Anne Marie?

All that I want is to get to know you better, can't you see...?
All I need is to touch you girl tenderly, don't you see...?

So don't you cry, I'll be there by your side when times are low...
Always will be flying high...
Can't you see? The truth is in my eyes...
Hold me now, I'll never say good-bye...

Anne Marie, I care so much about you, that's more than others do...
Anne Marie, I've told you how I feel, now it all comes down to you...
Let me know that you will think of me, promise me...?
Anne Marie...

Copyright 1989, Ray Kim