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One Man, One Heart, One Soul
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A young man asks himself questions, and tries to be honest with his own feelings.
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Ray Kim, Jerry Russell, D.R. Blanchard
1994, Ray Kim
Sun Dec 30, 2007
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 252   (127,144 songs currently listed in Pop)
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About the song
Of everything I've written, this song is probably my favorite.

I wrote this when my friend, Jerry (my lead singer), asked me if I could write something that didn't cram "a million words into only one measure." On my way home that night, the chorus to this song started going through my head, and this was the eventual result.

To be honest, this originally wasn't supposed to be a love song. It was supposed to be about a guy trying to find himself. But then, I hit a massive case of writer's block. I asked Jerry and Bob if they had any ideas as to what to do with it. They took it and ran with it, and came up with this!

Side note: this song was played at my wedding!

Jerry Russell, lead vocals
Bob Blanchard, backing vocals
Ray Kim, keyboards
Jim O'Brien, guitars
Words and music by Ray Kim, Bob Blanchard, and Jerry Russell

Verse 1:
Alone in the moonlight,
Gazing at the stars above...
Missing out on mem'ries,
And wasting all your love...

So many answers
To those questions in your mind...
No second chances
On what you leave behind...

Look in her eyes...
Let her see the man inside...

One man, one heart...
One man, one soul...
Love her, 'fore you get too old...

Tell her to stay,
And show you the way...
Boy, don't let her get away...
Love her today...

Verse 2:
Afraid to take chances,
'Cause you don't know how they'll end...
Well, I've got news for you, boy;
You're gonna get hurt again...

You know where your heart is,
But you can't bring yourself to say...
"Girl, I love you,
And I need you ev'ry day...

Come with me tonight...
I want you to share my life..."

(To Chorus)

Through these eyes, I can see forever...
You and I, as long as we're together,
We'll go on, and we'll find the way,
Somehow, someday...

(Instrumental ad lib)

(To Chorus)

Copyright 1994, Ray Kim