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New Way - 1980
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A rock ballad with an edge and some great Hammond B3. ***Originally recorded on cassette tape with two mid-quality mics almost 28 years ago...not the best quality, but the only recording currently in existence.***
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Joey Arata
Joey Arata - 1979
Pluto Jones - Live at the Brass Monkey (June 1980)
Thu May 15, 2008
Rock : Rock General
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About the song
I was living in Memphis and had just hooked up with this girl who was to become an important part of my life for a couple years. We had been out drinking wine and playing chess...just really having a good evening and getting to know each other. I came home feeling "on top of the world", picked up my guitar and just happened up on the signature lick of the song. The words came out immediately and the song was finished in about twenty minutes. I've always enjoyed playing this song...but what really put me over the top was a time we played it at a long-defunct bar called the Golden Mug in Brandon, Florida. It was the last song of the set, and when I left the stage this guy came up to me and asked if he could get the words and get a recording of the song. He had just been released from prison the day before and had committed himself to look for a "new way" to he could leave his troubled past behind. He said this song was to be his "anthem for change". I don't know what ultimately happened to him, but it felt good to know that one of my songs might help him find his "new way".
Once I thought nothin’ was real
Nothin’ to see, think, hear and nothin’ to feel
Nothin’ to say, nothin’ to do
No reason to stay, no skies of blue

Woke up to a sky of blue
Anything I’d ever wanna know, I knew
Got lost in the ocean and it rolled me right away
Right on back to the same grey day

So I set out searchin’ for a new way
Lookin’ through the clouds, lookin’ to a new day

Cast adrift on a sea of gold
The wise man said “Anything you want, my friend, it’s yours to behold”
There’s no need for the scales, I don’t want nothin’ for me
All I want is for my brother to see

So I set out searchin’ for a new way
Lookin’ through the clouds, lookin’ to a new day

And if there’s a way I’ll find it
If there’s a day I’ll mind it
And what will stay with me I’ll bind it
So that nothing anywhere can ever unwind it

And I’ll set out searchin’ for a new way
Lookin’ through the clouds, lookin’ to a new day