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The Cyclone
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A dazzling display of Fractal Rocks talent and studio skill. This is progressive rock at its best.
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Fractal Rock
Fractal Rock & PRS
Fractals and Filigree
Sat Jun 19, 2010
Rock : Progressive Rock
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About the song
This song was created out of a need to join and weave 3 disparate guitar components together. Dave "Chainsaw" Hawkins experimented with a 6/4 pattern which became the base pattern for the first section. The heavy rock section is actually a 5/4 rock rhythm, and the last cyclonic like section is actually 11/4 being played by DaveH the guitarist and Robert the Drummer. While DaveT the bass player and Joel playing keyboards come up underneath and into prominence with a 4/4 rhythm. This intense conflagration of rhythms was possible because all four musicians play to a metrenome and count the song by quarters and use written music to que them in when to play. The interludes between Chainsaw's abstract guitar components are ripped right out of Modest Mussorgsky's "Night On Bald Mountain". However discerning listeners will recognize that the piece has been hashed up and re-arranged to suit this Fractal Rock tune. This was and is the most difficult tune that Fractal Rock has produced.
Standing against the blue
on the edge...
from vivid to gray
and I'm in it's way...
Destruction...a vortex
it holds me
inside its power
Its hands
stretched out
throwing me
til its final hour
All color
from my face,
full of stains
I'm cut
from all sides
I bleed...
somehow my soul remains
"Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages"
Direct your attention to the far side of the arean,
observe the lady in red and the gentleman
holding the ball peen hammer!"
Looking through
so true
not over
the clover
did me no good
that clover
did no, did no good...