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Ode to an Ex (don't love you anymore mix)
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explicit lyrics
Easily written words in a time of great escape.
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Anthony E. Barr
Anthony E. Barr
Thu Jul 30, 2015
Rock : Goth Rock
Take charge
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About the song
These words came to me rather quickly one night in 2003 after leaving a toxic relationship with a toxic soul.
Ode to an Ex
I have passed an evil one
She will never have anyone
No one with which to run
No son No one
You can forget about me
Don't tell anyone you ever knew me
`Cause you never provided me
With the love I needed
I won't allow my heart to pain
For the lack of love you gave
It'd drive me insain
To gaze upon you once again
I will never again
See someone like you
Are you f***ing crazy
I'm soo much better then you
You can take your lack of confidence
And shove it up your ass
`Cause you were nothin' to me
But a piece of ass
I'm not done writing
`Cause I have a dark spot for you
Even though I might have
Pretended to love you
~Nothing against red-heads
~I love you all
Guess what red-head bi***
I never did
Everything you ever said
Mine ears never heard
I was too busy f***ing life
To listen to your ignorant soul
Did you really think you'd be my wife
With your kinda attitude
Get off yourself
Everyone else has
Why were you a slut
After I had given you my hand
You were probably a prostitute
But I was told a stripper
Who hasn't touched you
But Jack the Ripper
You don't even know who you are
How can you expect me to
I was with you for your car
Oh yah, and your boobs
You had nothing else to give
But a big f***ing headache
I hope in this life I'll live
To re give your heartache
~I'm not done yet
You'll never forget the likes of me
As the world is my family
I just let things be
Continue to be me
Your f***ed up stories
Your half truths
They will all
Come back to haunt you
~This much is true

┬ęcopyright 2003 Anthony E. Barr