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Ghost In The Well
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Thu Sep 03, 2009
Rock : Instrumental Rock
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About the song
Ghost In The Well

Added bass guitar to my original composition about Japanese horror movie Ring 3 (aka Ring 0).
This tragic tale explains how Sadako came to be the hate-filled ghost in the well.

For those that are interested, the story transpires as follows:

--- 0:00 To 2:19 ---
Sadako, a young girl who inherited strange psychic abilities from her mother, yearns to fit-in and be normal.
Sadako's mother committed suicide after being accused of killing a group of journalists during a demonstration of psychic powers.
Sadako also has a dangerous evil twin who was locked up in her father's attic at a young age.
It was the evil twin who killed the journalists through her psychic connection with Sadako.

The wife of one of the journalists who was killed during the psychic demonstration has been looking into her husband's death.
Her search is leading her closer to Sadako and the evil twin.

Under the advice of her shrink, Sadako joins an acting troupe as therapy.
Sadako falls in love with a sound engineer, but she is mostly feared and despised by her jealous fellow troupe-members.

--- 2:20 To 4:41 ---
The acting troupe are a superstitious bunch who believe that bad things have been occurring since Sadako joined their troupe.
Most of the troupe have been experiencing the same chilling dream.
It turns out that Sadako's evil twin has been reaking havoc amongst the troupe through her psychic connection with Sadako.

After a few deaths and then a horror opening night, Sadako is blamed and the actors and assistants form a mob.
They corner Sadako and beat her to death.
Her restrained boyfriend can only watch in dismay.

The wife of the dead journalist joins the group shortly after and explains about Sadako's evil twin.

--- 4:42 To 5:20 ---
The group, now accompanied by the wife of the dead journalist, head off to Sadako's father's home to dish out mob-justice to Sadako's evil twin.
They take Sadako's body back with them.

Sadako's body miraculously returns to life due to the power of the evil twin's psychic connection.
However, this time Sadako and the evil twin are somehow one.

--- 5:21 To 7:19 ---
Sadako, posessed by her evil twin, goes on a murderous rampage taking revenge on those that tried to kill her.
Her idiot boyfriend gets in the way and is also killed.

--- 7:20 To 8:13 ---
Sadako's father is too late to stop Sadako's rampage.
He finds her returned to normal (no sign of the evil twin) sobbing in a corner of their home.
He falsely comforts her and promises her that all will be ok.
Sadako belives him.
He injects Sadako with a "sedative" that is actually poison.
He has lost his mind and intends to kill Sadako and himself.

--- 8:14 To 9:46 ---
The poison chokes and weakens Sadako, but it doesn't kill her.
She stumbles outside and falls to the ground.
She claws her way along the ground and eventually finds herself beside a well.
As she is using the well to help herself to her feet, her father clobbers her upside the head and tosses her in.

--- 9:47 To 10:49 ---
Sadako, still alive after her ordeal, is trapped in the well.
Her father seals her in, leaving her to fester with bitterness and rage to eventually become the murderous spirit of The Ring.