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RSTL verse 24
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Topic - You go to church for the first time in a long while, as you sit down at the service, a demon exits your body. What Happens next?
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nO gOoD! Productions 1999-2009

Fri Sep 18, 2009
HipHop : New School
Take charge
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I awoke this Sunday morning compelled to seek the lord.
Ive took the hard route; no doubt I roll in the weakest ford
pickup truck, it looks as rough as some do.
As I arrived at the church, I headed for the front pew,
The priest starts to speak, the lessons begin.
Suddenly I'm feelin weak, dripping sweat from my chin.
I twist, turn and writhe, my back is crackin loud.
A demon exits my side in the form of the blackest cloud.

It says, "Im here to claim the sick, the weak, and feeble,
Theres NO way this church is gonna rid the streets of evil.
See this man? He's done wrong, I know he fell quickly.
So it's my turn to step in, he's goin to hell with me."
people at the service cried and stood in shock.
One man, who was nervous, tried but couldn't talk.
This was the authentic sighting of a poltergeist,
It appeared quick as lightening, but was cold as ice.

A priest stepped in and started speaking in tongues
"O seet wekt in mend lotted meathen min fongs,
Youre weak in spirit, demon you have no place here!
This is a man of god, and you can bet hes faced fear.
Hes overcome his obstacles, done the impossible,
Its probable the house of the lord, will topple you.
We'll start at the streets; banish the mark of the beast.
The word of god will cut you, like a shark and his teeth."

I got up, the demon vanished, gods light was flashing in
the church, But I had a feeling that he'd be back again.
Everyone was gathered, the expression was on their face
that they had just learned.... a lesson from my disgrace.
The priest said "I think its time we talked and you confess
your sins because it seems that a lot is on your chest."
I said "thats right, I've had to battle the beast in my youth"
"Fair enough, let's talk about it, have a seat in my booth"

on with the service, people praised the holy one.
Knowing that the demon wouldn't slay his only son.
As it carried on, disrupted from the chitter chatter.
These people seemed to fear me, but it didn't matter.
I was coming clean now, it was hard to speak it
I was telling this father about my darkest secret
"I doubt I'll ever reach the pearly heavenly gates,
I committed my first murder early Seventy Eight.

Now it's Ninety-One, and I've foiled the smartest cops,
with every single murder, blood boils. It's hard to stop.
I'm sick in the head, and I'm fu@ked in the brain.
So witness the dread, and say I'm nuts and insane.
I can't kill anymore, it's consuming my life.
I almost wanna get caught, and end this movement of fright.
Thanks for listening father, I feel you've left me calmer."
"It's my pleasure, my child. I'll see you soon Jeffrey Dahmer."