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Vs Odd Job (GRB 09)
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Tue Jan 27, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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Straight from the start I go straight for the heart
Oddjobs in the Goonies cause hes good at playing his part
Bux is the leading actor, DZ a little lesser
But OJ’s role of a lifetime comes with being an extra

No joke, f*** my tricky wordplays
When it comes to a screen name, OJ is really Ricky Gervais
re-name ya crew, The office, yall look stupid as f***
be mad at your connections, like ur computer was stuck

Cause they won't help you out none, every collab your outdone
The Goonies reputation, is the only reason you passed round one!
Homo you sound dumb, this f*** can’t see me
I’ll make him pay for his bad judgement like As Seen On TV

100 in the hole wont make you sore though bi***
Cause 100 in the hole sounds like an OJ gay porno flick
every bookie,,know u wont get far on bets
SINCE you’re used to losing Online,...... I just asked

I’m coming for the crown you aint sh*** to me
Cause I’m beating a Goonie like Kabs did last round... realistically
You best get ready, go head and pack ya bags
Cause when I think of ya crew I picture more pussies then them Maxim mags

In case ya’ll didn’t know, I’ma leave you queers reminded
That real heads don’t f*** with odd job, cause we career minded
yo fam, ya lifes must be a bad dream...
and when we say Yayo f***ed your sister, it don’t mean.. she a crack fiend

you should’ve sponsored a hundred cats
Cause you need to gain votes that way since you so f***in’ wack
Hell, you coulda paid them each a hundy stack
Cause when they hear how bad I’m making you pay, they’ll feel bad and give you the money back


And you faking like you from Iraq, but bet you won’t lie long
you on the path of destruction, like a roadside bomb
And if you is Middle Eastern, you left in poor form
Cause only pussies leave their home countries because its war torn

your quick to trip like most of these dorks do
But its hilarious how your even shorter then your short fuse
Look at this 5'ft midget, fronting like a tough guy
But in real life he gets scared of the air whenever it brush by

First you go at Ness, acting all vexed and scary
when he went Virgina, u left, like was that really necessary?
when that went down, nigga’s turned into prophets
Cause we predicted you’d duck Ness Lee like you were allergic to chocolates

u sh*** talking like you gonna go smash em’
But your threats are like your threads, just full of tough talk and no action
your glass jaw cant take my hooks
In fact you couldn’t take a punch if you stole Warbux’s rhyme books

All jokes aside, I need to insist, stop the incest
We might be disgusted and sickened, but one thing we are not is impressed
And all black men beware, a little more then the others
Cause if he thinks sisters are petite and cute, I don’t even want to know what he thinks of the brothers