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GRBs Round 1 - Harland vs HarlemHeat7
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GRBs baby
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Sun Dec 14, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 64   (1,767,679 songs currently listed in HipHop)
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let me break it down harlem isnt game
in fact the only way i'm dissed is if i mispronounce ya name
i'm insane, this cat is lame thinking we the same
and its safe to say that you wasted money that you paid
you probably feeling down no surprise you will find
that your only claim to fame is that your name resembles mine (huh)
crisis of identity? i'll take the credit see
cos in battle on a beat, I redefine heat

and in fact he tries to jack kanye's gimmick that is sad
but this kid is wack so he had to look for other strats
and the fact he's a fag does ensure
he makes hits in san francsico he staged the blow in the dark tour
back to your rap ability you lack the clarity
to sever me your sanity is questioned if u choose to battle me
ima rip a big stitch on this punk
cos he sounding like a down syndrome kid who is drunk

damn your myspace has 15k plays that is bad
cos you made 15k different people hate rap
so if hiphop is dead, i guess we gotta blame you
f*** it even golddiggas never play you
i breakthrough, with lines rhymes sickest in the minds
yea the ministry of sound declared your music is a crime
i highly doubt you mix your tracks if u take out what is bad
you'll be posting nothing but the instrumental set

huh i flow hotter got a show you know blow sorta
you're restricted to your room so f*** being a globetrotter
when the votes tally up the notion that you barely suck
is crushed you don't have a single fan to rally up
you probably paid a friend who wrote for you
but the score of 113 to 1 is likely if i choose to vote for you
you murderous i bring immortal tech to the forums
(homicidal harlem bleah whats the problem)

dude's scared by this track that i'm makin
i aint talkin dance when i say harlem shaking
got a track hey pussy i can tell
nooone likes to TALK to him so he made a track to himself
brings a sh*** flow to complement his sh*** lyrics
i am sick with it bring it back i rip digits
on the game cos you know how i rap sicker
he couldn't stand past the first round like a bad drinker

blast writtens on the mic like i lost my sanity
I leave a rose on your dead body you can call me v
i'm a beast see you'se a pussy to the 9th degree
your style's far from fabolous i make it hard to breathe
choose a next rhyme i bruise ya wack lines
your rhyme scheme makes nelly look like tech nine
f*** it ima make it to the next round
gimme an opponent that is better than this clown