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Who Gave You the Right?(Live)
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Environmental Protest.
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Madeline Preisner
1988, Madeline Preisner
Live at Joseph Court
Fri Aug 10, 2007
Alternative : Alternative General
Take charge
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About the song
Polar Bears...Apes and Elephant, Wolves in North America, all being pushed to extinction,...Why?

Corporations, whose goal is to profit, have been given license to harvest and mine the Earth's resources to the point of exploitation.

This Exploitation of the Earth's Resources has made a few people a lot of money, at great expense to the rest of us.

Why do we allow nature to be defiled in the pursuit of power?
Why not put windmills instead of blowing the tops off mountains?
Coal mine at the same time, carefully. Solar cell every roof and desert park.
Turbine the current... The cost/benefit ratio is not in our favor.

Right now our National Natural Resources are free to a few..and subsidized, too! Wait! OUR National Natural Resources?

ALL Natural Resources.

Who is doing this deciding? Who chooses this way?
Whoever you are, who gave you the right?

I'm really sad about the Tigers...
You poison my air, contaminate my water, you force my brother to fight
you take what I was given and make me pay for livin’, but who gave you the right

Men of power, you’re bringing us down, your shamefull excess is all around
and poison buried in the ground, with no solution to be found

why do we follow these leaders of greed, they don’t even give us the little we need
our health and welfare is of much less concern, than what we do with the money we earn

this is a free world, life is free, there’s power in the sun wind and sea
magnetism and gravity, these things were given to me

men of power and distinction, driving us into extinction

You poison my air, contaminate my water, you force my brother to fight
you take what I was given and make me pay for livin’, but who gave you the right

You rape this world to build mountains of gold, but it’s not yours to be bought and sold
you’ve gotten way too bold, and now you’re gonna’ lose your hold

you bring us down down down to your bottom line
but we’re not goin’ there no more
down to your bottom line, what do we let them do it for

We're power hungry people, that's what we are
Power hungry people, drivin' in our cars
Power hunger, that's what it's for