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This song is a parody of Kool & the Gang's Celebration.
Uploaded on
2006, 2017

Sat Nov 18, 2017
Comedy : Parody
Take charge
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It's a dead search engine
It's a dead search engine

Google killed it dead Oh No
It slowly bled
C'mon Now
Hangin by a thread C'mon
and they're to blame

It's a network once to be revered
It had More features than any of it's peers
you'd check on sport scores and your email too
after that we'd all meet up in the Chat Room
C'mon now

Where'd they go Dave,
Rolled out more and more
but there searches did slide
Where'd they go Dave,
Their games dated lame
and Google capsized

While Facebook got much better
They thought that they knew much better
now they're struggling to survive
Oh No

It's a dead search engine
What is their new mission?

Rest in peace Yahoo
Good Bye
I'll miss you friend
It's done now

Hosted free websites,
But now
They aren't so free

We're gonna find a new search tonight
Goggle or Bing
It's alright

I used to live for their news alright
but it's gone tired
Day or night

Moved on with Shopping to new sites
like Amazon
with less gripes

I really wish that they'd get it right
they just might
hey A man can dream-right?

I once swore by them forever
But I've moved on to greener pastures
Sorry, but the love is gone

It's a dead search engine
They died with lack of vision
but on and on they're draggin
Won't give up on living

What happened to their fearable size
Like overnight
It just died

As a child I never would have surmized
their quick demize
They're out of time baby

won't quit them cause their email's still tight
May save them right?
in their pipes

I'll make a new one
when they fin'ly die
Until then I'm alright

It's a dead search engine
Once they led the nation

You know I'll miss you, c'mon

Like you, the song is done-move on

Wait this song's still going on