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Jock Itch
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explicit lyrics
A Parody of Britney Spears' Toxic, and one of the hottest subject matters I've written about, no literally, it burns.
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David-lyrics, RECISIO (track used with permission)

Thu Feb 12, 2015
Comedy : Parody
Take charge
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About the song
This one was written after seeing the video for Toxic by Britney Spears, Jock Itch came to me head immediately, and replacing the green bottle in the video with a bottle of Lotramin, I just couldn't help it. . .little did I know out the gate it would be the most successful starter of the 14 Project 1 songs.
Baby I can feel
An itching
A rash like this
Requires medicine
It's lengthening
I'm sprawling

There's no first aid
I can't stay
Ain't this a bi***
Please reduce this itch
I'm bleeding now
I'm hating it

Too red, won't slow down
Losing my health, itching round and round
I can feel it oooowwww

With the red on my legs I need a guide
My Jock Itch I'm freaking out here
The itch of a reaching limb and thumb
I'm demanding to sooth
Don't you know
I've got Jock Itch

and I hope it's through soon
Don't you know I've got Jock Itch

It's getting late
It hurts a bunch
It's on my legs
and nearing my butt
I feel it now
It hurts ow

Please come
Heal me now
Peeling my skin
Trying to scratch it out
Think it's worsened now

Lay in bed through the day I'm not feeling right
My Jock Itch is taking over
Feels like a serpant 'round my thighs
It's alive I tell you, don't you know I've got Jock Itch

Please stop laughing you goon
Don't you know I've got Jock Itch

Don't you know I've got Jock Itch



Just cannot walk
Please save my thighs
My Jock Itch burns like the summer
Pain on my legs
I cannot rise
Don't have quite enough booze
Don't you know I've got Jock Itch

With this faze in my hips, cajun surprise
My Jock Itch, I'm feeling slumber
The tempearture's up beneath my guys
Ok, so it sounds prude, but dear lord I've got Jock Itch

Rub on the lotion now
Please Lotramin now
I think I'm bleeding now

Rub on the lotion now
Please Lotramin now
I think I'm bleeding now