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Yeah. . .cant explain this one at all. . .it's insane
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Below Average Dave
Modern Mayhem
Sat Aug 08, 2015
Comedy : Parody
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 16   (20,449 songs currently listed in Comedy)
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About the song
. . .don't ask what was going through my mind on this one, trust me
You're Touch: Agonizing
Feels like I am dying
Can you hear me crying

It's so traumatizing
I think I'm still burning
Itching is concerning

Can't lay: Sit up straight
Aloe do not bother
Still burns like a mother
Human-Flesh fillet
Starting to peel too

It's not a normal sun burn
It has cruel intentions
How'd it get my thighs
Cause I had pants on
Something just isn't right

Don't touch, da-da-don't touch
Do and I'll be screaming
Then I will be seething

No hugs, na-na-no hugs
Or I will be jumping
Then I'll kick your face in

Man, it's a bad feeling
My skin is all peeling
This burn ain't natural
Sun Burn Terrestrial

Next day something came off
I was in the shower
I saw something cower
Daddy from it's lips
My sun burn has birted it

It's a scientific burp
Impossible children
From head to my thighs
As my skin hits the floor
Sun burn kids come to life

Red eye, Re-re-red eyes
They claim that they're all mine
Seven hundred by nine

Scary, sca-sca-scary
Think I should be running
Am I dead or something?

Am I an alien
Came from oblivion
These kids aren't natural
Sun burn terrestrial

Am I going mental
They are talking special
Boy, they stare at the stars

They all yearn for a heat wave
Especially during 'Sun'day
Can't explain them at all

Babies, bay-bay-babies
Coceived when the sun met me
Some came from each my knees

Crazy, cra-cra crazy
It's what most think of me
Getting tall so quickly

Kids, you're all aliens
Born from the sun urchins
They're smart-comes natural
Sun burn terrestrial

sun burn terrestrial
sun burn terrestrial

Gave birth to aliens
Most think I've lost my brain
They're red like fresh apples
Sun burn terrestrial