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2008 GRB Round 2 - Priceless vs Scribe
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Thu Jan 08, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
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Its round 2, no more roses here after
If I talk about flour it’s cuz I leave a n*** battered
Bruised, beaten, who eatin? I’m hungry
N the doctor prescribed a pre-scribe luncheon
I’m huntin u up against a killer, b
Scribe without the sk, he ain’t got the artillery
You’re not ill as me
African, plus we can see ya yellow but u not a killer bee

I’m a killa, b, plus pimp, all the above
How come u never show ya line up any love?
A thug in Dubai, u guy, ya songs is butt ass
Plus u got a cheekbone that look like it could cut glass
I don’t understand bout what busta said none
If I was tryna get this arab money, I wouldn’t get none
Ya bummy lookin ass is trash in high amounts n
I couldn’t rob air out ya lungs to save someone drownin

My head’s big but all the parts is sized to fit
While there ain’t enough oil in the middle east to moisturize ya lips
N u might think I’m jokin
But I’m not, ya nose look like someone hit you in it, after it was broken
Barely any space on ya face to fit ya eyes there
N no wonder u off beat, ya lil ears can’t hear the snare
I bet ya ugly ass could use ear buds as ear muffs

The antithesis of balla
Ya oily ass could get us all gas for under a dollar
The price been dropping I found out how that came about
U would either bankrupt clearasil, or bail em out
Another day, another buck, uh
Somebody tell me why this f*** look just like Michael blackson, moddasucka
N I hate to get back on ya face for the f*** of it
I feel like I’m beating a dead horse… wit a ugly stick

Because you ugly, bi***.
N ya raps sound worse than any sound I thought a human could emit
Ya girl? Lets say I taught her that curb talk
Solja boy, showed her the strip n made the bird walk, yuuuul
Check the cards nigga, price is the future
Paramedics gon have to see how you doin, rasputia
Be honest, you better off forfeit
Cuz ain’t nothin to me to send norbit to orbit

They like, ‘poor kid’ never saw it comin
Price on fire like the b;link 182 drummer
Yuh, I’ll travis bark ya dark ass
Pull out n spark somethin that make charcoal from tree bark. Fast.
Ya sh*** is bull, nigga, toni kukoc
Tell me how chedda gets cheddar, but you don’t
So that's you bro, told you who I'm is
I was asked to de-scribe this tourney, so I did