Thrilli Vanilli
Frogs (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)
East Coast
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TooFly Vs Jack McCrack
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Thu Jan 08, 2009
Instrumentals : Hip Hop
Take charge
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Homie your ugly as f***, but i aint hating/
Your face got more spots on it than dalmations/

You aint getting a deal/
Ugly face, whack flow, whack voice and a name like a mcdonalds meal/

My right hand's blazing/
So imma knock your ass out until you see more stars than a spacestation/

Youve never been amazing/
Wanna see round 3, you better cop fight night on the playstation/

I left it late and kept you've been waiting/
So im gonna take kid to school like i raised him/

You need to take your name, rethink and rebadge/
Think crack the sh*** must need some time in rehab/

My careers on the up and you wanna come with me/
I'll put jacks on ice like tenesse whiskey/

you aint close to amazin/ Better than me?/
Yea right, like george bush aint a racist/

i've seen your pics homie i aint really feeling them/
you either trying to act black or act like eminem/

your sounding feminine/
your voice is so high pitched, it's high risk on the ears just to listen in/

Its clear who you wanna be/
You using photoshop to make Jack, Black like Tenacious D/

I hope your sister is impressed when she hears this/
Because i wanna 'fill her', get it, like you verses/

Your lines simple fillers know what i mean/
While my rhymes stay complex like the magazine/

Didnt get it when i said you needed swagger jack/
I didnt mean to take Noodles style and just run with that/

I saw you on the forums callin me a mercenary/
You couldn't beat me if you knew my ass personally/

So shut the f*** up/ your whole style weak/
Got more chance of beating bin laden in hide and go seek/