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GRB vs Ribo Nuke - Round 3
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f*** textcees.
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Wed Jan 28, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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About the song grb tournament round 3 versus ribo nuke
I'm a bad motherf***er, yall can prolly call me Doctor Evil
Ya see, me droppin a Nuke.. ain't gonna shock the people
This motherf***er here is offbeat, ya flow's wack
You'll get a win with me the day that Nimrod's exposed to crack
Nobody heard of this fag who thought he could join and win
Eye twisted from where he was split from his conjoined twin
Lookin beaten, like you mouthed off first
So it's a good thing that Ribo here's the South Park nurse

And I heard that you don't curse in your raps - you are cursed
Zombie lookin motherf***er thought a battle'd cure his blood thirst
Gets tips on dressin from Waze
You look like Spoonfull was left in a cage, smoked meth and started wreckin his face, bruh
So pick a faster beat and come at me with urgency
The moneys fun for me, for you its reconstructive surgery
This "Hills have Eyes" extra gettin vexed n wanna murder me
I read (red) him like a book and then I beat him til he's burgundy

I came at DZK the new cat on the net scene
I guess the third time's the charm, you a battler's wet dream
The first two rounds were easy, their bodies were outta shape
But people look at Ribo's face like he's prolly from outta space
Cuz "Nuke" ain't just a moniker that suited him
Kid was concieved on the military test grounds where they were shootin em!
Which would explain the way you rap so whack lately
Dogg, you only got dope lines cause you a crack baby

You never was a team player, just a towel boy
A rogaine spokesman and a cocaine cowboy
But homie ain't a baller, he broke with an awkward flow
It's like he almost had some rhythm, then he stopped and said.. no
So, what is it homie.. ryebo nuke or reebo nuke?
Naww, I think I'll call him how I see him so he's beetlejuice
Think a win's within ya reach, you playin
You'll get beat by cadence like that's the name of the freak you datin

Sayin she a nine, that's asanine, her ass-a-two
Yall dress like 1981, that's why it's fun harassin you
Ain't splashin in the talent pool, this fag is so simplistic
He thought 27 dresses was his Drag Coefficient
You aint slippin outta third unless you're grindin on a clutch
Cuz you'd need Emo to write ya sh*** for you to make the final cut
So when it comes to rap, you sadly
Always outta place like dog the bounty hunter at a black panther rally