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Be careful what you wish for!
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BJ Herrera, Michael Valentine
1986-2006 Stratus Gospel
Rain Down the Fire
Fri May 05, 2006
Rock : Christian Rock
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 1348   (260,422 songs currently listed in Rock)
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About the song
When I wrote this lyric, I'd just had an encounter with an individual who was consumed by an obsession for material weath. Always wanting and needing just a little bit more to be happy, but never quite satified.
He sought freedom that way, but only found a prison of sorts...
Freedom, it's said, is all up in your head
'n fillin' every need, the way to liberty
There's a feelin' in the world of "I'm the only one that matters"
There's a passion for the things that only lots of cash will buy
We're all standing in a line to fill what only makes us sadder
And it doesn't mean a thing 'cause were gonna leave it when we die

Freedom, I've dreamed, is havin' everything
Livin', livin' as I please, in calm serenity
But livin' for yourself can only lead to hell 'n havoc
Sin will enter in whenever there's an open door
When everything you get, only fills the need to have it
And leaves you in the end, wantin' just a, little bit more

Freedom, oh I say, is only had one way
Giving, giving up your needs, so God can plant a Seed
Tellin' all the world that there is only One that matters
Fightin' for the Truth so all who want to know can see
Livin' for the One who loves to bring us joy 'n laughter
Singing of the Peace that only Jesus' Love can bring