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You're only cheatin' yourself by ignoring God's will!
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BJ Herrera
1986-2006 Stratus Gospel
Rain Down the Fire
Fri May 05, 2006
Pop : Contemporary Gospel
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 204   (127,147 songs currently listed in Pop)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 9   (2,445 songs currently listed in Pop > Contemporary Gospel)
About the song
This track features a great bass line recorded by our 'original' bass player (from the His Seed days), Gary Leacock, who also happens to be Peggy's and Tina's cousin.
Your Mama always made you, go to Sunday school
'N Daddy, well he taught you, 'bout the Golden Rule
But still a battle rages in your soul today
The Good 'n Bad are fightin' both to have their way
You, you're in the middle, can't decide what's Right
Put Jesus on your side, yeah you can win the fight

Cheatin', you're only cheatin' yourself
Cheatin', by puttin' your love on the shelf
Cheatin' your hurtin' yourself 'n nobody, nobody else
Nobody else now...

Ya tell me, that you can't live, by the rules
Your parents are too strict, so now you think they're, you think they're fools
You try to do it your way, but it always seems
That havin's never ever good as wantin' things
Ain't nothin' ever satisfied a life of sin
'Cept Jesus in your heart, He'll give you Peace within

repeat Chorus

So take some time 'n listen, to that still small voice
Then read the Word He's written and then make the Choice
To know the Peace 'n Joy that only God can bring
Or go on the way you are, go off 'n do your thing
But there is only One, when He turns out the lights
Who'll take you to His home in Heaven on High

repeat Chorus
repeat Chorus