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Vs Kata
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Mon Dec 15, 2008
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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I aint impressed with em
Katastrophik! is terrible dont believe me check the definition
I heard ya shitty tracks he post on every forum
Yet the Kid stuck in the past like Hiro Nakamora
All that blah blah .... My sh*** is Raw
He'll say something bout F*** Profane like a censor bar
you Type wack n*** you Type predictable
using play'd punchline concepts from 92
plus he frontin,
the lamest dude giving Omen a run for his money and Omen isnt runnin
what you trynna prove Pro here will wreck his state
and blow New York up like f***ing Flava Flav
plus he soft as f*** purring when he hit the booth
playing in the thread change this bi*** name to Puss N Boots
yeah he'll get the boot Rap wasnt good for you
trading shot for shot and he could't even get threw two
stomp ya kid i aint even have to shoot ya
when i f*** Kat from every angle like the Kama Sutra
The way he end his name tell you just how real he is
cause serious how Katastrofik! can you be on your period
i mean come on dude an exclamation mark
i heard of NetCee but this n*** net A threw Z
never left his house never meet an A n R
have his chin checked like bellhops at an Asian Prom
recycle bin him this n*** garuntee to fail
cuz his lines gayer then an elton john ticket sale
you not bangin n*** you not gangsta
riden Katastrofik! situations with a coat hanger
the board Pro-Choice you spit all noise
only people voting for you, Your boys
that aint cutting it
to bad you dont get a vote in this for every time you punchin in
trynna cover up for every line you stutterin
your track sounds like it was written by a barbie twin.