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Sat Apr 04, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Anyone find it funny that hibe dont ghost for em no more
And I aint heard a hot line from em since 04
I ain't bought from this producer, I ain't tryna hear
Curly from the three stooges talk about his rugers

You need to learn how to mix, ya'll hear his synths?
They sound like Gilbert Godfrey givin birth to a kid
Sample your own sounds, need to get a better mic though
Sounds like you got that clap online like Meta Maestro

I ain't buyin beats from a dude this corny,
that thought Men In Black was based on a true story
Hey Eng, while I'm at it, lemme give you a tip
The Easter Bunny ain't real, and neither is your f***in clique

This f***in weirdo, still believe in all that magic, damn
Tin foil hat, kicks, jacket, and some matchin pants
He got his chain back from Wird, and that was nice of em
But I'll turn Tonya Harding, and you'll never touch the ice again