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Round 4 vs. GarciaVega
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aka Medeval
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Tue Feb 17, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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GarciaVega wishin that he switched his name back
cuz Punch is bout show you that this bi*** is straight whack
You see the pictures of this fat man showin off his jazz hands?
He'll prolly drop nothin but Punch flips, like backhands

I got some questions for this man, so lemme ask em a few
Like why's the Slept-On Fam look like the cast from the View?
And why didn't he form a group with cats he actually knew?
Went on Match.com and put out Ads for a crew

And here's a little known fact, that imma send to his fans
Wargasm's Hawaiin shirt was a present from this man
And the pic that we've seen of him with it on in the forest
Was just to show Vega that it fits and say thanks that he bought it

so f*** the whole slept-on fam, but this whore's up first
He bout to catch a bad beat like a Warbux verse
You seen the size of this dyke? He's larger than life
They need to use the jaws of life just to pry him off a bike

We get on Odd Job's hair, but have you saw what he tryin
Gully's rockin the same haircut as the Cowardly Lion
He runs to his barber, I spent a day watchin him
And he tells em, "Yo, Hook me up with that George Washington!"

I ain't kiddin you doggy, its killin me softly
That's the oldest whig I've seen since the political party
but I'mma harm this vulture,
His hair's been in more Greese than John Travolta, SUCKA

he's so big He could prolly eat a whole human,
You can blame him for the loss of Noodles like Joe Gruden
It's too easy to diss clowns, I'ma tell you what it is now
I'll put my fist out and beat this bi*** worse than Chris Brown

So here's another Street Fighter line, ya we always mention it
No one is choosin Vega cuz he's always on the fence
I ain't losin to his brows made of magic marker
all his verses crash and burn worse than travis barker

Ya his verse, it hurts never,
Cuz we laugh when he tries to use a mideval name like Sir Sever
I'm endin him with every bar, CYA
I'ma bury Garcia just like Gerry Garcia

I ain't scared, I'ma hit this whussy
Everyone knows the kid next to the Bully is the biggest pussy
Go and send your crew some chain letters, make em real tight
Cuz you couldn't pick em out in a crowd, in real life

Matta fact, I know you met with one member from this board
He put on his bedsheet and tried to kick it with some whores
But the first fatty he saw, he took back to his bee-hive
I heard you left Yayo hangin like T.I.