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vs. Razzia
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sugar tits
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Wed Jan 28, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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I heard adam west gave his name out for Cire to be
then I heard you took the name and gave a sigh of relief
I'm a beast and this dude is weak, but I wanna say Congrats!
Cuz you the first cat to ever pass with a losing streak

Ya Raz lost that he got owned
But now the GRBs got a f***in respawn mode?
Ya'll heard of Zeus, but you wonder bout the name that he choosin
well lemme introduce Razzia, the Greek god of losing

Remember T-Ball, when we were just little kids
You see Raz was that kid we let swing til he hits
And at the Arcade, hes the kid that was smashin the buttons
while the demo played, thinkin that he actually stuntin

But he's nothin, So now we'll pretend he didn't lose his last round
And let him drop a track until he's laughed into the background
cuz this assclown is so f***in trash now
he used to be a fat cow, but now he's lookin jacked, howww??

You think we stupid? like we'll never find his ploy
But for breakfast Razzia eats some toast with a side of roids
so try to hide it boy, I'm lettin all the people know
like "Yo!", you can play chinese checkers on his needle holes

and Ya'll think he's hot, are you kidding me?
At least we know he ain't AVI (whyyy) he has no delivery
And his drug test it came back as "maybe"
He took a shot in his ass like Gravy\

Injectin roids like "It might not show!"
Thought he got away with the Juice like a white bronco, WHOA
So watch this guy get blazed, tranquilize inside his face, use an iron blade
and mount his head above my fireplace

and ya I partied with this whore, we were hardly in the door
He put on Arab Money and everybody hit the floor
They were tryna dodge his chest and his flab,
I've never seen breasts that could have such consecutive jabs

I ain't kiddin dog, you should see him take a city jog
Cuz when he walks, his titties flop, and do the Diddy Bop
that ain't swag you got some sag there
looks like Razzia needs to get himself a Brassier

Rockin out hold on,
Check the flop in his breasts, I'll give a shot in his chest
and I'm talkin bout Botox
And you can thank me later,
But he kinda does look like AC Slater due in 8 weeks for labor

Ya'll see the size of his shirt? this kid is deadmeat
doesn't f*** with XL (excel) he's never seen a spreadsheet
And you think that he hurt me, come on
That ain't an arm tat, its a permanent imprint of his short sleeves

And I think he's funny that he spittin the gay jokes,
Like we aint see the pic of his friends lickin they a-holes
Tell those faggots to leave
He can bring a whole mass to its knees like a catholic priest

Ya'll see the dudes he f***s with? dog, I'm disgusted
You can't look tough then suck on the nuts of your husband

f*** that f*** shit, man, your a bunch of queers
But I'm not, That's why you won't see Razz-bury Punches here
Nahhh, I won't stop till I'm droppin this whore
I think its clear you swing both ways like hospital doors

Can't say im unoriginal, I always take the left path
I go against the grain and spit a line about Enef's dad
No offense you're wack, I mean, I gotta mention that
he got no emotion, he Reads the screen like defensive backs

But you, are just whack bi***
His last verse didn't have two Punches in it, I can DQ him for that shit
So stick to text now, There's always next year
I mean...There's always next round! bi***