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vs. D-Boone
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Feels like makinn the banddddd
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Thu Jan 08, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Is this some kind of sick joke? It's bout to be a sh*** show,
Who the f*** gave a paint bucket to this skitzo
c'mon Jeff, but you placed me in this mess
cuz we leave 5 minutes and thats the paint job we get?

Comeee onn, I hope you didn't pay em a cent,
Cuz I seen his crib and that means you paid a day of his rent
yeah, he lives in an RV, he's trailor park trash
And judgin by that cover, well, he's failin art class

Take a look at those paint splashes, that ain't fashion
I think you need to replace that collared shirt with a straight jacket
I mean theres a chance that his pic is straight, if it didnt look like
Kid N' Play went and hit the place with finger paints

but now hes stuck sittin lookin a pedophile
Handin out candy from his van to like every child
so now tell me what it feels like, to know in real life
you actually posed for that cover, do you feel right?

"Like D-Boone we gonna have you take a seat dude
Pretend your holdin a paint brush and just keep cool
Now take your other hand, and make sure that shits straight
And squint like the sun's in your eyes, okay that looks great"

And then he slaps a barcode at the top, like if they see its in a shop,
they'll think that's its hot
But go to every single store and then see if its found,
You won't see D in the paint unless its P.J. Brown, WOWWW

You know how I know that you're whack as can be
You took "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and rapped it to a beat
..that aint a punchline he actually did it
I mean he actually recorded it and actually spit it

And I don't mean to offend dude,
but if he ever mentioned that hes livin large then I think he mislead you
I mean I see what he went through
You see that picture of the benched dude? Well, You're lookin at his bedroom

Your pockets lookin steep boy,
He lives off trailers like that movie preview guy with the deep voice
And now his parents mad, they found you trouble
He tryna bounce outta the park like a ground rule double, NAHH

I'll slap him cuz he aint gutter,
So now he's stuck in that corner, and downnnn for the countt like a page number
He got a fake-cool steez, man, aint fool me
cuz I can see-through D like a great QB

Lets take a look in the life of this dude,
He talks to chicks about his crib and starts invitin them through
Its the end of the night, they right in his room
Till he turns on his Grinch track to try ta lighten the mood

I'd rather watch the paint on every single wall dry
than click on his link and try listen to em online
I'm breakin this man, it feels like making the band
cuz jeff has sent me on a Cake Walk, and I'm shakin his hand