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Bryson Tiller Type Beat - The Warm Up
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vs. Pace
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jaws all over the place
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Tue Dec 16, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Somebody call the cops, cuz Spoonfull's style has gone missin,
But they found the guy that did it, it was kinda hard to miss him
Howd they identify our victim?
They said he looked a little bit like bald women mixed in with Bart Simpson
Come on listen, you aint blazin the chrome
Cuz if he meet me face to face, Pace is breakin his phone
He'll toss it the ground as he racin till he safe in his home
But I'mma eat this toothpick like Razor Ramon, WHOA!
I seen his pic 40 times but I ain't bored yet
Dog, what what the f*** are you doing combing your forehead?
so now this whores dead, stop duckin to avoid me
Pace got the swag of a f***in Chuck-E-Cheese employee
So watch Doug Funny get taken for his lunch money
Shake the change out his pocket, you dont want it, with Punch, DUMMY!
But I'ma let you in on somethin, yo, so heres the deal
tell me how you feel: Santa Claus he isn't real
You see this guy needs some hip in him,
Cuz his whole style is like 12 years old, like those Chinese Olympians
I mean its kind hard to attack me
When you rockin a moustache that's made outta acne, take a bath please!
I'm just kiddin, nahh, I ain't really that mean,
I think that you and Sun Zoo would make a killer tag team
I'm in the zone, like the pylon be, not gonna lie
plus I take pride in my bars like I'm Rydogg, b!
You call those beats? come on dog, just confess they're not
You handin out samples like a Chinese restaurant
See Pace, this rap game, dog, its not really suitin you
I'm thinkin more along the lines of High School Musical
and you can be dude, that bullies the 3rd graders
Rob em for their dunkaroos, and give em the hurt later
Till they like, "Pace, pick on somebody your own size!"
He's like "Homefries, I tried, but Gary Coleman is hard to find!"
But it ain't over yet until you try to pose a threat,
Cuz he's 90 pounds soakin wet...while he holdin jeff!
I ain't lyin, nah, I'm tryna show this guy some love
I mean he can lift that camera up, and I'm surprised as f***!
Goddamn that sh*** is achin his wrist up
Only kid I know that has to stretch before takin a picture
Oh my god, I'm the nicest out I'm fighting for the title belt
so I might as well, Treat this talent pool like I'm Michael Phelps
Now try to picture Pace in the club, the look on his face is enough
to get the whole place to erupt,
Rockin some Old Navy he think he lacin it up
So he takes hands to the roof and starts raisin em up
And his beats, I ain't even heard em
cuz when it comes to CD burnin' I aint tryna get a mix full of Peewee Herman
Now its time to dismiss this bi***, you seen his AIM?
It's got more RM names, than ThisMiss's Christmas list
This the end, guy,
Tried to drop a minute before the deadline, but his mom said its Bedtime!
I never know how hard to come, so I'm not gonna talk
But my pace for Round 1 was a walk in the park, f***A