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Round 4 DZK
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Wed Feb 21, 2007
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Well If it isnt the most overrated rapper on this whole f***in board
who takes this sh*** personal, the voters struck a chord
Cuz now they start to notice that when he touch record
It's the same sh*** everytime, so now we're f***in bored
Now you'll witness first hand this dude weak as f***
When I leave a mess that Janitor can't be cleanin up
I see enough stale rappers, but he takes the cake
For Christ's Sake, he got swagger of a paperweight
But he's got some dick walkers just to hide it
I won't call em dick riders, cuz they ain't old enough to drive yet
but I know a way to hide these kids
I'll Make a sign that says, "You must be this tall to ride his dick"
But I ain't ever mad, cuz its sad
DZK is the father that they never had
But its funnny they assumin that you losin weight
The FAT dripped off his body and made a f***in username
This dudes a lame, he'd change last in his gym class
Cuz kids would laugh and play the vilion with his chin fat
Once I smack him, his jaw smashed in
Now he's all flattened, I call it a Compact Dzk
I think I seen his pics, but it depends
Looks like Casper took a picture and left his finger on the lens
I think I've proven, he aint doin shit
Looks like the Cowardly Lion took some hair advice from Ludacris
But hes a tough guy, so my pull a card, prick
On the computer, is the only time you'll ever find a Hard Disk
This hot shit, spits bars of true banter
Your whole style is trash like Derelicte in Zoolander
He was fat, lost weight, this man is an old bi***
On the same path as Anna Ni-cooole Smith
So take a look ahead and just switch tense
All I see is dead people like the kid from sixth sense
He's intense, so i've had enough of this cocky prick
so I'll put a hockey stick to RM's Donkey Lips
Heyyy, He never fell off, he jsut stumbled
Nosedived, crash, burned, and landed in a belly flop
So I'm standin tall in this case man'll fall
He could blow me out the water, with a single cannonball
And the only time you'll ever see him on a mix spittin:
"Now Thats What I Call Music: Soundclick Edition"
Stand back, I'll get gorey on this player
Starring Ralphy from the Christmas Story...forty years later
Bout to shoot his eye out, this kid is plain
Wanna see a Dzk get air play? Then go and watch a frisbee game
This old man's tired, so now his spends his day
photoshopping his face into a vampire
I'll never duck this vet, He's got F.a.T lips on his face
The problem is that I aint even touch him yet
And we've seen whatd he do for a finals spot
But have you seen what hed do for a klondike bar?
He'll never make an album, he justs collabs with children
ain't killin, He sucks on tapes worst than Paris Hilton
but you Wanna know the best way to ruin a mix?
"Throw some DZ on that bi***!"
But I aint heavy into spite, f*** a mic
So I'm beggin that he type, what the seventies was like
And your girl ugly as shit, but I will f*** her
She'll have balls between her legs like Bill Buckner
Show up, to your inlaws, you startin the car
Rob these muthaf***as blind, wait they already are, f***aa
I'll have you throwin up, and if i need to distract em ill go
Ask how many fingers am I holdin up
So go ahead and drop the nameflips
This lame dzk listens to other battles and then goes spits the same shit
So its game, dzk, no more time for crunchin
I'll show up to your wake to get the last punch in