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vs !~Tragic~~!
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The Big Deal
808's & Netlames
Fri Jan 30, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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About the song
so I clicked these, Behind the scene flicks, showin off his neat whip
touring a crib that he rents so
consider getting this as far his biggest achievement
saw his name on the card this round and couldn't believe it,
how'd you make it to round 3, what is ya secret?
judging by the way the geek spits, I'd say He needs a Wii Fit,
on some real sh*** You Ain't Built For The Game
man this kids a lame, yeah we seen em on stage
but nobody rush they shows or causin any chaos
you wouldnt hear a Chant for Dead Language at a Seance
and They all chumps, runnin around the town rhymin,
but Need to Lay Off More, than Companies Downsizing
I see this man tryin but needs to quit
Relyin on Videos to Win 'less he playin for the Patriots
Yeah Lifes a Drag, Laverne Workin for Diddy
and you'll only win if the voters start to take pity
cuz you lost to D. Omen and he came so witty
is it just me or is he rockin Complex Mustache? plus I must add
if you standin next to him
the resemblance is twin of ThisMiss, with an Extra Chin
his next of kin, look like a Broke ass Ben Stein
I guess thats why he feel the need to quote that Same Line (WOW)
go get a grip on your reality
and maybe a Red flag for the next time he Challenge me,
don't bother Calling for the Calvary
cuz when I knock em the f*** out, he won't get BACK UP
and I'm appalled that this fag tucks
his Sack So far Back, that the Refs are calling Negative Yardage
I'm, beggin ya pardon, tell me how he's not a fag
with that Randy Orton Jaw jockin John Cena swag
dag Trag, I gotta make it clear
you Wack Beyond Say I'ma call you Sasha Fiercee
you hurtin all our ears witcha queer tracks
its like an Epitaph, "Tragic, I'm Sorry to Hear That"
and infact..I'ma show you who does best
cuz my sh*** was a success, while yours Piss Poor more than Homeless Drug Test
cmon confess, you gotta to sleep knowin
when its said and done that you had to cheat beat Omen