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Dely Said Knock You Out
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Return of The Big Deal. (Vs Skep) GRB 2008-2009. Round 1. Hi Jeff.
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The Big Deal
808's & Netdates
Tue Dec 16, 2008
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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About the song
Yooouuuuuuu LooOOooOoOse
NOW that Coach won't give him time of day
it's clear that she hurt his pride more than this guy say
he tried to play it off but he's very soft
by the way you Rip Material, I would say you Teary Cloth
we Square Off now this Squares Off the Battle Card
tryna tell us "nah dog, I aint mad at all"
this fag ballin like Dennis Rod in his prime
spittin live it gets Lifetime Televised, and the hell if I
give a f*** about severed ties with another man wife?'ve lead a sad life,.. thats the only thing you leading to
..cuz when it come to the votes you should know I'ma always be defeatin you
yup Skep it's freakin true,..
I spit flames in a match and Watch ya ass Turn To Ash like Pikachu
..if he refuse, I'ma get em yo
he on't know his simple flow isn't Worth Dick like a Gigolo
I get dough when I show, I forever grind
kinda like Amish Lightbulbs, you will never shine
he needa use his better lines
or I'll Wizz by Em like we in the Loo and He used a Stall Next to Mine
I Punch em in the chest hard, crush his neck and spine
If I'm left time, then I'll start kickin better rhymes
..he talk to broads online, they never dimes
but I let it ride cuz I'm not into the judgin guys but
it is kinda odd
how ya face is resembling the Alien Prometheus and Bob
my looks aint the best, his easily worst
and you really couldn't Compare It like Obedient Birds
I serve Alphabet Soup, he is eatin his Words
and I ain't Cheatin on no Test but I'm Beatin this Nerd
he put out CDs, all of his songs sh*** tho
if a n*** Cop Out in the Streets, they Carl Winslow
you sprung on GQ, I ain't forget bro
looked for love in the wrong place, try a ditch yo
She's givin love to Dely, you'll never feel
and you just George Bush in Iraq, Head over Heels
you got all the scars on ya heart, theyll never heal
you got girls up on the net, they never real
his love life tends get the best of em
..Coach is the one that got Away..when he sent Instant Messages
I read the emails, damn this guys lonely
my Source from the Horse mouth, Coach a Prize Pony
jennifers my homie,..and this guy told me that she cut em off cuz she was overreacting
but, little does he know, we rollin and laughin
on the phone at him stuck in a past when
she moved on like I will in this round,
this clown lost to ME, who the lame n*** now?