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Thu Dec 27, 2007
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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If this kid spit a verse you can quote then I missed it
I remember dzk was dope, then he fired all his writers
Hes worse than the Simpsons
But watch him come first in this one cuz he got a herd full henchman
Voting for him before my verse gets posted for listens
But I aint sulking or bi***ing, sh*** I aint mad
Unless they signin up for GLAAD none of them fags will be makin a difference
Im rippin the best the kids got and f*** catch records
Im sending a lesson to bux on getting a dzk dropped
And ya sh*** poppin’ll cease, your girl is seventeen
You hit in the minors you aint even in my f***ing league
You f***in believe this fat faggots weight class is
The same as his tax bracket, he got chubby off government cheese
You f***in with me would never happen, you get rocked
I’ll send dzk to death row in a box, call it a press package
I suggest you invest cash in a casket or testlab where they can practice
Pullin shrapnel from your chest bastid
Mr delta zeta kappa aint a rapper hardly
Maskin his voice and named after a sorority shit
I guess that title might fit cuz everytime you speakin or spittin I picture a click full of geeky white bi***es
Im nice wit it gotdamnit bux is downright fierce
But dzk is downright fiercely catchin an asshwipping
This cats tripping and it musta been the methadone hes on
That got him thinkin its cool to rap like decepticons
And Im shittin on ya fanbase, its true you got more than me
Cuz losers can more easily to relate to you
And I aint tryna hate the dudes, but jeez
If I had your fans I would be too ashamed to leave my basement too
I mean aside from your crew, nobody probably would think you were cool
With dudes like b-leave tryin to hang with you
Once you get seen with that fool
Making yourself seem cool is something not even your vocal flanger can do
All of your fans are embarrassing dudes, omens the coolest person
To ever take a photo standing nexting to you
And even he had to laugh first
Like how did this fat jerk manage to get grease stains on a black shirt
I bet That sh*** took mad work, like consecutive days
Without bathing digging graves to get that dirt
Im pretty sure a shave is the answer
This kids beard is smuggling chins like an asian slave transport
He had a show but I aint manage to make it, a new meaning for stage fright
Afraid he was planning to break it
And I aint fakin with the fat stuff fatboy needs the kuyper asteroid belt to keep his pants up
And I cant front like its just you, but most dudes try to lose fat,
You added him to your net crew,
And I guess you been getting designs on possibly getting signed
To a label and maybe kickin your fables and shitty rhymes
But if you plan on spittin live about killing guys and setting fires
With your vocal flange you need a different job
cuz you’re a f***ing asshat, performing Torcher
in your real voice would probably end with you getting laughed at
mad cats be saying yo, how he sound like megatron on a track
but see him live and he’s jay leno
but go ahead tho spittin your f***ing lies
about raping God and taking lives while playing wit fire
but if you play like you want it with skrybe
you’ll find urine over your head like a horribly played punchline
and as far your board goes, its all faggots
more dick riding and ass grabbing then a catholic boys home
but I’ll lend a hand if your plan is to blow
when I take a claymore and turn the warlabs into warzone
let me make sure this is all known, you never made a dime off your soundclick hits
you never ripped a show, you edit your voice so you’ll never perform live
but somehow your convinced your rap career is better than mine