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My Heart Goes Out To You (Ward/Loveridge)
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Love song to a terrorist. Lyrics composed by Liz Ward. Music by Lorelei Loveridge.
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Lorelei Loveridge
2006, Lorelei Loveridge, SOCAN
Wed Aug 02, 2006
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
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About the song
Two online songwriters with the capacity to see this issue in ways others may not. I rarely co-write anything, but this lyric begged for a response, and Liz invited me to have a go at it.

One caveat: There is an acknowledged dilemma here with the use of the word 'nation'. It is meant in the spirit of a self-defined 'nation of Islam', NOT as a reference to a specific country. I realize, as a performer, that it is hard to show 'quotes' around a word when singing it. I'd have to preface this song's performance with a brief reminder that this is to those who wage terror/war in the name of Islam, though true Muslims will denounce their suicidal actions; for suicide is forbidden in Islam, period.

Words - Liz Ward
Music - Lorelei Loveridge

I don't believe or disbelieve
The stories of your Scriptures
Or each sway of Your Prophet's pen
That paints another picture

And I will never understand
The ethos of your 'nation'
Loving death more than life
Or your defiance of creation

My heart goes out to you
I'll love you just the same
And no one told me to
My spirit rides my mortal breath
I know not of God or Death
And if you do
My heart goes out to you

I will not know the rapture
The power or the glory
Of the detonation or the flash
That becomes a man's life story

And I'll never know the child
Who shared the depth of your conviction
But I'll know the sorrow of this Earth
Born of your God-addiction

Is this Nirvana?
Where does your love flow?
Is there a place so high
All Heaven lies below?
Won't you get there soon enough?
Will there be room for the rest of us?
It must be nice to know so much
And if you do
My heart goes out to you

My heart goes out to you
I'll love you though you're not like me
No one can tell me not to
My Spirit rides my mortal breath
I know not of God or Death
And if you do
My heart goes out to you
My heart goes out to you