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Ocean Dreams
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Written, Produced & Directed by: Arnold G Opera Singer: Jennifer Lipsius Music Written by: George Type-41 & ArnoldG Music Remixed by: Paul E & Claudio Collino
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Arnold G / George Type 41
A&G Recors / ASCAP
Ocean Drems - Single
Wed Sep 07, 2005
Electronic : Trance
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About the song
As young man, weary of the life he has been living for too long that he feels trapped in, falls asleep on his living room floor. He begins to dream. In his dream he wakes up to the sound of waves and seagulls and finds that he is in the middle of his dream, at the ocean. He turns around to face a dense fog. Something draws him into it. He then immediately feels a dark force around him and is thrown out of the fog. He is being chased by 2 demons. They throw a fishnet over him and they struggle to bring him to the ground; he is putting up quite a fight, but they eventually overpower him and throw him to the ground. The young man struggles to get up, but the devils keep him there, beating him down. Then, from a distance, a great, bright light begins to shine and a clear, pure sound that can only be of heavenly descent breaks through the dark force, stopping the demons in their tracks. It is the Goddess of the Sea, sending her light and energy to the young man and the demons. With her pure love and energy, she pulls the demons to her, changing their energy from evil to good. In a burst of sound and light, she transforms the demons into Angels, and then sends them back to the young man, this time to give him strength, to help him to stand and inspire him. The Angels then throw the net off of the young man, and then join him in a joyous dance of freedom. The young man is so happy to be free and is filled with so much energy that he is able to communicate with the Goddess; she tells him that she is with him and that everything is going to be all right. This inspires him even more and he dances again with the Angels. He speaks to the Goddess once more, this time facing her, then kneeling before her. She lifts up and caresses. Then in one final burst of sound, she fills him and everything around them with pure loving energy, and watches as he and the Angels share another dance together. He then turns and walks toward the Goddess once more to accept her gift, a gift of light and pure loving energy in the form of an ocean pearl. He carries it to the Angels, they bless it with their own energy and then begin to move away as the young man places it in its shell.

Then, all of a sudden, the young man feels that the presence of the Goddess and the Angels is no longer there. He looks around in all directions, but they have disappeared. He realizes that this dream world is leaving him. He is being pulled back into reality. He goes into a frenzied dance, trying to keep this world around him just a little bit longer, but to no avail. He cannot fight it, and he falls back to sleep. This time, however, it is a peaceful sleep, as the Goddess and the Angels are watching over him.

Ocean Dreams- THE SHOW!

Written, Produced & Directed by: Arnold G
Opera Singer: Jennifer Lipsius
Dancers: TBD
Dance chorographer: TBD
Art work designer: David
Graphic designer: Chris Mastalir
Photograper: Steven Curtis
Film Director: Wynne Dawson
Stage Manager: Damon Rivers
Booking Manager: Ken Keldson
I had a dream that
I was under the sea…
As deep…as the ocean...

Only if I can describe what I’ve seen
Eyes of green and hair like golden arches
Deeper than the ocean or the seas……

(1st vers)
Beneath the top of the water, I see wide ocean
As the skies a comfort to me, time after time.
I close my eyes and I drift away,
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you

In my dreams I walk with you in the ocean,
In my dreams I talk to you at the ocean,
In my dreams you're mine, all of the time,

(2nd vers)
When I dream about the ocean,
I see your beautiful face
If you are alone just close your eyes
Come with me and see the ocean arise
My journey into freedom has just begun

In my dreams I walk with you in the ocean,
In my dreams I talk to you at the ocean,
In my dreams you're mine, all of the time,

We're together in dreams, in dreams;
You're not alone inside your mind
Come with me in my domain
And be a part... of my ocean...

I wish that my dream becomes true
'Cos all I want is to be with you
Life is not how it seems
Just again I'm drowning in dreams...

But, no ocean's too wide…
For me to show my love…

Written and Composed by: Arnold G
Opera Singer: Jennifer Lipsius
Music Arrangement by: George Type 41 / Arnold G
Music Remix: HiNRG DJ Paul E and Cladio Callino