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My Girlfriend's Cat
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The artwork for this tune is an original by *** ******* of Colorado Springs, a truly brilliant and noticeably mad man. A testament to my unrepentant habit of riding anyone's coattails, down or up. Usually down.
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Bob Wyman
1989 2011
One Step Forward
Sun Feb 16, 2014
Comedy : Adult Comedy
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 11   (20,385 songs currently listed in Comedy)
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About the song
The answer to My Big Dog Dick.
My girlfriends cat was lost late last night I searched through the storm with my little flashlight
It didn't take long when I returned with her pet My girlfriend was so happy and her pussy was wet

Her pussy was wet her pussy was wet I mean her cat how sick can you get
Your mind's in the gutter I didn't mean that this song's about my girlfriends cat

She once had a tomcat who'd roam the whole town diggin in garbage knockin trash cans down

Nobody went near her now who woulda thunk it was because her pussy stunk

Her pussy stunk it really did reek I mean her cat you perverted freak

Your mind's in the gutter I didn't say that this songs about my girlfriends cat

That old tomcat would sleep on her knees she had no idea the thing he had fleas

It was no wonder she scratched and she b*** ed it was because her pussy itched

Her pussy itched because it had fleas I mean her cat it's not what you think

You misunderstood me I'm not thinking like that this song's about my girlfriends cat

The noise in the kitchen meant trouble afoot the cat's in the oil that we use to cook

I intended to kick him and that's when I slipped Now I'm at the Doctor because her pussy dripped

Her pussy dripped because it was curious you shouldn't laugh I'm tryin to be serious

You have me all wrong I didn't say that This song's about my girlfriends cat

So she had to take him to the pet grooming shop and when she returned my jaw just dropped

It was a sight I never have seen my girlfriend's pussy was shaven clean

Her pussy was shaved I mean her cat I wish you would just stop thinkin like that

If you don't quit it you know what I'll do I'll sick my girlfriend's big pussy on you

cBob Wyman