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Burning bridges
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explicit lyrics
I recorded this song at home using my iBook and Sound Studio 2.2.3. The only mic used was the one built into the iBook.
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Mark Winegar
Copyright 2005 by Mark Winegar

Wed Dec 28, 2005
Country : Country and Western
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 237   (68,956 songs currently listed in Country)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 25   (2,335 songs currently listed in Country > Country and Western)
About the song
This song was first released on John Denver's Dreamland Express album. It is the only album it has been released on.
Burning Bridges (capo 4)

[D] No one to talk to and nowhere to turn.
I lit the last bridge just to [A7] watch it burn.
[D] Good Lord All Mighty, you'd [D7] think I'd learn?
[G] I lit the last bridge just to [A7] watch it [D] burn. [G] [A7] [D]

[D] I can't settle down to just one girl
when there's so many in [A] this old world.
[D] Some are pretty and some got brains.
[G] It makes no [G7] difference 'cause they're [A] all the [D] same.

Give me a rich one this time around.
So she can show me all over town.
Or a beauty with hair of gold
but don't tell her that I'm growing old.

My buddy fixed me up with a blind date.
I met her at the door at half past eight.
She was a sweet girl about twice my weight.
I said "I sorry but it's getting late."

I met another on that miracle mile.
For twenty dollars she could make me smile.
I said "no thank you as I walked on by."
I may be lonely but I'm too young to die.

Oh why'd I ramble and why'd I roam
away from my sweet little home?
I used to have me a sweet little wife.
but I'm bound to ramble for the rest of my life.

Copyright 2005 by Mark Leon Winegar