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nobody home
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T. Gallivan
T. Gallivan
The Last Sunrise
Sun Nov 08, 2015
Rock : Classic Rock
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» highest in charts:   # 15   (260,402 songs currently listed in Rock)
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About the song
Part of the album "The Last Sunrise", the last people on earth are being called to the beach, this song is one person's journey.
i walked with a girl with bows in her hair
she had the sharpest eyes and an empty stare
we laughed at the guy pretendin to use his phone
for we knew that no one was home
we knew there was nobody home

a man begged for change he didn't have no legs
smiling dog at his feet chewin on a blind man's cane
he mumbled to me that his cover was blown
we were hopin he was totally stoned
but we knew there was nobody home

people in the streets acting like they were my friends
no cars no attitude they were making amends
if bowie was here he'd a known what to say
but we know that he wasn't home
we know that he wasn't home

we passed by a circus with its streamers and tents
elephants and clowns didn't make any sense
we waved and we saw they were just like us
for we knew that they were alone
we knew that they were totally alone

i saw mum and dad by the side of the road
they begged us to follow - we shook our heads no
onward onward wherever to go
now we were certain that no one was home
we knew there was nobody home