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harry bush
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Wed Nov 29, 2017
Alternative : Experimental
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» highest in charts:   # 25   (185,920 songs currently listed in Alternative)
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she took the jean from a cactus and one from a alpacca
she planted the seed
she got something we all need
a bush she had created a very hairy bush
as it grew bigger and bigger
she had to hide it away from every body
she never let any one play with her very hairy bush
her hairy bush grew and grew
it got so big and hairy
it was hard to hide.
when she just could not keep it hidden anymore
the boy's came by the bunch
to see and pet her very hairy bush
one day it rained and she had left her hairy bush out for some fresh air
it got all wet and moldy
she tried to dry off her very hairy bush
but it just got worse and worse
her hairy bush started to droop and dangle
one boy came over and told her
i can fix that hairy bush of yours
if you let me touch it i can make it come alive
i have been a hairy bush doctor for quite some time
and when i am done it will feel just fine.
when her hairy bush had recovered
she brushed it and pet it and never left her very hairy bush out again.

the machine is oiled and in motion, all is as it has been!
the women subjugated to a lesser directive
things to be owned, to be used,
to be kept!
the pieces are in place control is complete!
beware the jabber wock and the jubb jubb tree.
free thinkers are the menace, those are the ones who must be eliminated!
the populace must remain controlled.
their minds entrapped in the gears of the machine.
forever in lock step with the turning of the wheels.
the women trained, but not educated
the men taught to proclaim their loyalty to the machine.
and to hold it as god.
taught to make pennance through payment.