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I Can't Chose but Smile (Jones1610 vi. Tk1
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We have William Shakespeare' name - If to 'rancle' rankle? (in line 22) is to 'Rattle' that would be to 'Shake'. In line 8 we have 'Speare' and in line 22 we also have have 'Will' and so .
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?Lady Mary (Sidney) Wroth? & Robert Jones
Patrick T. Connolly
Muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of ayrs
Sat Jun 30, 2012
Classical : Renaissance
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About the song
In 2010 I was inspired to record some Robert Jones songs in cerebration of the 400 year anniversary of publication "The muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of ayers, 1610.
This was one of the 21 songs of the Booke and although it was not one of the songs I have been trying to play before it looked very easy. It is only about 12 bars long however it turned out that the bars were not the same as some had 2 beats, some 6 and some had 4 beats. It looked like it only had 3 stanzas but I did not notice that there were 3 stanzas that were the 'Answer' to the 1st 3 stanzas.
I was about to do a vocal on it and discovered that 3 stanzas need a female voice where the other 3 stanzas need a male voice.
I started the song with a Guitar strumming rhythem tracks on August 13, 2010.
I did 4 takes and all of them repeated the complete same music for the 3 stanzas. They all seemed OK but for messing up on the last stanza of Take 4. I thought I got a better sound out of my guitar than I usually do. Much later I realized that I had made a big mistake - the end half of the song is supposed to repeat and I never did this on all the 12 times that I recorded the music.
With the cords of the song blocked out my method is, next, to pick out the bass or melody line on the keyboard. I turned to other songs and did not come back to not being able to 'choose but give a smile' until (about a year and a half later on) January 4th, 2012 when I was able to pick out the melody line on all 4 tracks. Where on August 13, 2010, I was able to put down the Guitar strumming rhythem tracks for the start of 2 other songs (I did 9 takes of songs in all) I spent the whole of January 4th, 2012 just to do the guide vocal melody line to the 4 takes of this one song and this was a good day. Take 3 turned out to be the turkey - I must have mist a beat or two - or I just did not do the melody line correctly - and so I am abandening it with only 2 tracks.

On May 8th I worked on the bass line but I had to teach a late afternoon class and bath the Babies in the evening and so I only got as far as doing take 4. On May 9th I got the bass down for this Take 1 and also Take 2.
VI. I cannot choose but give a smile

I cannot choose but give a smile,
To see how Love doeth all beguile,
Except it bee my frozen heart,
That yields not to his fiery Dart.

Belike I was Achilles like,
Drenched in that fatal hardening flood,
My flesh it fears no push of pike,
The speare against me doth no good.

Only my heal may Cupid hit,
And yet I care not much for it,
Because the hurt I cannot feel,
Unless my heart were in my heel.

The Answer.

I cannot choose but needs must smile,
To see how Love doth thee beguile,
Which did of purpose frieze thy heart,
To thaw it to thy greater smart.

Suppose thou were Achilles like.
Drenched in that fatal hardening flood,
That might avail against push o pike,
But against his dart t'will [it will] do no good.

For if thy heel he do but hit,
His venome shaft will 'rancle' [rankle? Rattle?] it,
The force whereof the heart must feel,
Conveyed by Arteries from thy heel.

The muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of ayers, 1610
by Robert Jones (Dedicated to Lady Mary (Sidney) Wroth (1587?-1651?))