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This song expresses the meaning of hope in the face of life's difficulties.
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James & Kathy Unruh
James & Kathy Unruh

Mon Nov 27, 2006
Acoustic : Acoustic General
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About the song
Hope, written by James & Kathy Unruh, was featured in a TV documentary about Hurricane Katrina. Learn more...

Hope grows where teardrops fall
In the wake of endless dawns
Now rise to meet the sun
Hope knows no victory
But what is when all is gone
She flies to realms unknown


Hold me, hold me, Lord
And I'll soar
In your arms I'll soar


Hope lives where sands lie stilll
In a field where dreams have ceased
Yet her songs never will
She lives in meadows green
But her flowers bloom beyond
The sea of sky unseen


Bridge: (voices overlap)

Hope, I look for you in the desert/ Hope is a refuge
Hope, I look for you by the sea/ In an ocean of pain
Wandering city streets and highways/Hope is a shelter
Hoping someday you'll set me free/Truly found in Jesus ' name


Hope sings her songs to me
In the night when all is still
She lights my path until
His are the eyes I see
And His hand the hand I take
In lands with splendor filled


When I am weak you are strong
Wrap your arms around me
Hold me Lord, hold me Lord

With wings like an eagle I will soar!